Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Gloria & Marcus - Oct 18, 2008

Sorry for the late blog update.

If I'm not mistaken, we shot a lot of photos with doctors and medical officers in a day. The day was very smooth except for the usual rushing creative photo session. Because it was too windy near the sea side, we ended up shooting most of the portraits indoor at Vancouver Airport. Although I was not feeling very well during the day (I guess it should be the cake that I ate at the night before), the photos turn out great and I am very happy with them. Gloria's brother shared a touching story with all of us in the reception. Tears and laughs were filled in the banquet... What a great reception!

On the next day, I started another 8 hours job at 7:30am... We finished the highlights in two days. I really need some rests.

More photos: http://www.raymondleung.ca/weddings/gloriamarcus/


Tuesday, October 7, 2008

5D Mark II - New Tool Or New Toy?

5D Mark II should be the hottest topic between wedding photographers. It seems the first pre-order batch is all sold out. If you want to order now, you have to wait until December. When everybody is fighting for a copy, I think we should slow down and think. What does 5D Mark II improve your work flow except the 1080p video function? I think it's not an extremely huge upgrade but it's always a good thing to have more color depth, more buffer, more pixel count, better ISO performance, etc. I don't think LiveView is really helpful unless you don't want the mirror sound in a quiet ceremony.

I'm sure Jessie will get a copy later. If it's good, I may get a second one (but I still like my 1D Mark II N a lot). Should I wait for 1D Mark III N?