Sunday, October 17, 2010

Primmy + Dominic Engagement Session

We met Primmy in Ivy & Gordon's Wedding a few months ago. During the creative photo session on the wedding day, Primmy asked why we always put her in some sexy poses. Jessie and I both agree that she is sexy and beautiful. This couple got a new car about 2 weeks ago, and we included it in the photos. Moreover, you will find Primmy has a few different sets of outfits in this session. She has a very good fashion sense.

This time I shot with Brian. He got a lot of great shots and did a good job in helping me with the lighting.


Saturday, October 2, 2010

WPPI Contest Result and Our Baltimore & Washington DC Trip

Jessie and I didn't visit a lot of places in the one week trip. I spent most of the time working in hotel room. However, we had a one day trip to Washington DC which was only 50 minutes drive from Baltimore. I saw a lot of buildings that I saw in movies. They were much larger than I expected.


National Aquarium

My first time to see a submarine closely

The White House