Sunday, January 11, 2009

My First Camera (Found!)

We moved to a new place in the worst snow storm period of Vancouver. When we moved our office, Jessie found my "long lost Konica". It is my first camera given from my grandfather (He immigrated to heaven 4 years ago). My photography life didn't start at that point because my family wasn't used to shoot photos or videos. I've missed so many good memories and beautiful scenes in the trips with them. Moreover, I was a bit disappointed when I found my grandfather's new camera had better color and contrast. The worst part is... his newer camera had zoom lens! Okay... I knew one thing: good quality photos cost money. I need to stay with a prime 38mm f/2.8...

I used the Konica in high school period. I have no idea why I just hated shooting group photos in camping events as all friends did. All of them wanted to see my photos and talked about the trip afterward. However, they didn't think my photos are "real photos" because I didn't have group photos. I called those photos as real memory and they were different from all set-up shots. Now, I know it is called "Photojournalism". My real life of photography started to grow.

P.S. If grandfather were still here, he might want to see our work cameras. It would be my turn to give him my old Canon G5.

Miss you so much, grandpa.


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