Monday, February 9, 2009


"Change" is the biggest word in 2008 after Obama became the President of United States. We are also looking for other possibilities such as video clips and different lightings. We are not really excited about the purchase of new camera and tools but we can't wait to see how they give us something new. In these few years, things changed a lot in our industry, especially in the recent 2 years. I think the push is mainly from the technology of digital camera. Photography is the same old thing in digital era. If you make use of the new technology, you are already one step ahead of people.

We started Scarlet & Ringo's E-session a bit earlier than our schedule after we received the new tools. We are happy with the result. After the coming Las Vegas trip, we will shoot again.

I hope we will have time to post some photos from LV next week.


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