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Toshiba FlashAir 32Gb SDHC Class 10 + Olympus OM-D E-M5

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Just let you know... We are Canon shooters at work. E-M5 is our leisure camera.

I just got the new Toshiba FlashAir 32Gb SDHC Class 10 LAN card from eBay (~CAN$73). After testing with my Olympus OM-D E-M5, I'm very happy with this card. I have Eye-Fi Pro X2 8Gb Class 6 which can send Jpeg, RAW, and MOV files to my iPad and iPhone without a problem. However, Eye-Fi card can push all newly shot files into my i-Devices once I open the App (You can turn it off). It's the thing that I don't need. My 8Gb version is a Class 6 card which is very slow when I shoot RAW + Jpeg. The slow writing speed actually drains more power from battery. Because of the support from OM-D's menu (ON/OFF Switch), I almost bought the Eye-Fi Pro X2 16Gb version (Pro X2 version doesn't have 32Gb at this moment). If I want 32Gb, I have to get Eye-Fi Mobi version (Cheaper) which is Jpeg only, No RAW. Why don't I get a cheaper Toshiba FlashAir when it's almost the same as Mobi? Yes, I finally ordered one from eBay and I made a right choice.

First of all, I can't turn off FlashAir card inside my E-M5. It will drain extra power even I'm not connecting to phone. It's not a problem to someone like me having 7 BLN-1 batteries :-)

When I plugged FlashAir Card into E-M5, the card was on already. However, iPhone couldn't find it until I open the card door. After typing the default password, then the card and iPhone were connected. I closed the card door on E-M5 and the connection was still there. You should see the screen below.

Olympus has a free App called Olympus Image Share. It can be used as controlling newer Olympus Camera such as E-M1. When I have FlashAir card connected, I can press "Import Photo" to browse the Jpegs inside the card.

I took 2 photos with my E-M5 and I saw 2 thumbnails in it. They were not in my iPhone yet. I press the second one to have a look.

OK... Looking sharp and clear. Then I press the top right corner's icon.

I could save it to my iPhone.


Pretty easy, right? I prefer this process instead of pushing every single shots that I took. OM-D E-M5 is my travel and daily camera. I browsed my travel photos when I had time to sit down (at lunch or at dinner). I might not want to download all photos into my phone but browsing it fast. If I wanted to share a photo or two with my Facebook or Weibo, I could just download those. That Olympus App could help me to set the Jpeg size. It made the download time to iPhone way shorter. On the other hand, Eye-Fi card downloaded full size Jpegs to iPhone. Eye-Fi App had options for you to set auto download or browse then download. I could say Eye-Fi App is more advance... but I really hate auto-download full size jpeg.

One lovely thing of Olympus' App is simple editing. Although iOS 7 has that feature, it's good to do it in one App. I will get E-M1 anyway... Good to have this App installed.

If you need a 32Gb Class 10 Wifi card, I strongly recommend FlashAir today. If Eye-Fi Pro X2 has 32Gb Class 10 version in future, I will recommend Eye-Fi to E-M5 users. I hope Olympus will update E-M5's menu to turn ON/OFF FlashAir in the future.

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