Friday, September 14, 2018

Will We Buy Canon's First Full Frame Mirrorless Camera: EOS-R?

There are lots of reviews and opinions about EOS-R online. You can just type "EOS-R" in YouTube and it will pop out many videos about it. If you follow our blog, you should know we are Canon shooters from day one. Olympus OM-D mirrorless cameras are mainly for leisure use. We love our OM-D's very much but they are not quite ready for wedding jobs, we think. With IBIS, we can capture a lot of interesting photos that 5D series can't do when tripod isn't available or size/weight is a problem at the spot. It would be great if Canon made something like a full frame OM-D E-M1 (We wished this for years).

So... EOS-R is a disappointment? Mm... It is... but not totally.

However, if we treat it like what 6D Mark II should have, then we see EOS-R differently. Besides EOS-R is missing the most important thing (IBIS) in our wish list, the touch screen focus (when using EVF) and the crazy number of AF points are what we need. Another thing is the battery: LP-E6 which is 5D2/3/4 battery. We have a lot of LP-E6 in our bags. It will save us $ on new batteries (if we go for Sony A7 III). Canon's Flash RT system can be used seamlessly if we "upgrade" to EOS-R.

We have to say Canon is very smart. The purpose of EOS-R is for stopping the last batch of loyal Canon users switching to Sony A7/A9 or Nikon Z6/Z7. At the same time, EOS-R only hurts 6D Mark II's market a little bit. It won't affect Canon's video camera line, 5D Mark IV, and the most money making APS-C line. As many people predicted, DSLR should be dead in 5 to 6 years later which is two Canon's high end product cycle. We think Canon will cut 6D and 5D line soon (or no 5D Mark V next year).

In conclusion, we may get A7 III if we need a replacement at this moment. When Canon breaks the chains of DSLR, EOS-R system will catch up with others.

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