Monday, March 4, 2019

The Winter Event At Sutton Place Hotel Vancouver

Usually, Winter is a low wedding season in Vancouver because of the rain and cold weather. Lots of events hosted during the time. November and December are busy months for event photos. We will post some event photos in blog around these few weeks.

Facebook (FB) advertisement was the most popular topic back in the days we attended WPPI convention at Las Vegas almost every year. This world changes very fast when we found that almost zero new clients came FB page now. Instead, more and more clients messaged us from Instagram (IG). Other than blog, we will post more on IG side. If you use IG often, you can add us @raymonatorleung. Link is down below.

About camera stuff... Canon recycles their 5D Mark 4 sensor in its new mirrorless series EOS R and 6D Mark 2 sensor in EOS RP. At the same time, Canon pushes out a lot of huge high end RF lenses. We can see the trend of Canon but obviously next version of R and RP will have huge differences (after old sensors are cleared out from warehouse). It isn't a good timing for us to jump into Canon's mirrorless series now.

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