Saturday, February 21, 2009

Joanne + Joseph - Lifestyle Session

I'm so happy to get some spare LP-E6 batteries for 5D Mark II right after the trip. Stores in US said it was impossible to get them in a short period of time. Thanks to Chadwick! It's nice to have them before our series of e-session shootings from next week. At the same time, I can't wait to order a pair of new E-TTL Pocketwizards in March.

Joanne & Joseph are our good friends. Although our Las Vegas schedule was very tight, we still spent some time to shoot for them. It was my first time using Lens Baby in lifestyle session. The result was great.


Friday, February 20, 2009

Joe McNally took photos for Jessie at Las Vegas

Sorry for the late blog update. Jessie and I spent a week at Las Vegas for WPPI Convention & Trade Show 2009. We met a lot of people and some new vendors. It was a great trip except waking up early everyday. (Early plane... early seminars)

I'm Joe McNally's fan for years back from the time I started to be serious with photography. Because of my influence, Jessie became his fan as well. His works for National Geographic are awesome. His use of speedlite is the best. On the first day of WPPI Convention & Trade Show, we finally met him. He walked by me and Jessie told me Joe McNally was just standing beside me. I quickly shot a photo for Jessie with Joe McNally.

We were extremely sleepy at that time. We waked up at 6:30am for attending classes. When Joe did his demo at Nikon booth, he asked Jessie to be his model. His D3X images were sent to the 60" screen at once.

We also met some other people like Bruce Dorn, Jerry Ghionis, etc. We learnt a lot after talking with them and going to their workshops. At Canon's booth, they were heavily promoting 5D Mark II. We had no idea how their video came out with that ugly rack. In the show, we bought some interesting tools back.

After this, we had a short photo session for Joanne and Joseph. We'll show you some highlights in blog later.


Mirage made some changes to its volcano...

Monday, February 9, 2009


"Change" is the biggest word in 2008 after Obama became the President of United States. We are also looking for other possibilities such as video clips and different lightings. We are not really excited about the purchase of new camera and tools but we can't wait to see how they give us something new. In these few years, things changed a lot in our industry, especially in the recent 2 years. I think the push is mainly from the technology of digital camera. Photography is the same old thing in digital era. If you make use of the new technology, you are already one step ahead of people.

We started Scarlet & Ringo's E-session a bit earlier than our schedule after we received the new tools. We are happy with the result. After the coming Las Vegas trip, we will shoot again.

I hope we will have time to post some photos from LV next week.


Friday, February 6, 2009

Moore's Law

I have no idea why no place has 5D Mark II in stock recently. Its LP-E6 battery is out of stock until April. The Battery Grip is hard to get too (We are lucky). At the same time, Canon is going to raise price again in April. It's totally crazy... especially under the present economy.

Nowadays, DSLR body costs a lot when it's new but it will worth almost nothing after 18 months. However... when our tools are getting old, we have to get new ones. That's what we can't avoid.