Saturday, June 23, 2012

Fearless Award Round 10

What a surprise! It's my turn...

Last time, Jessie's shot won

Raymond & Jessie
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Angela + Patrick Wedding @ Hycroft

When I attended their wedding rehearsal, Angela and their relatives worried about the weather of the wedding day. After suffering from Vancouver's crazy unstable weather, I found the pattern about Vancouver's rain - once we had 2 heavy rainy days, third day would be ok and forth day would be sunny. So I could firmly tell them that no rain for sure!
The Good weather was important to us and Erik (Love Story Media) because we were going to shoot Patrick's motorbike ride during the day. You should check out Erik's energetic SDE (Same Day Edit) video. (I love the plane shot, Erik...)
We are very busy with photo shoots and editing these a few months. I hope I can keep posting new blog posts on time.

Raymond & Jessie
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Ceremony: Hycroft - The University Women's Club of Vancouver
Reception: Shiang Garden Restaurant
Video: Love Story Media
Make-up: Elena Tsang Make Up Artistry

Sunday, June 17, 2012

Maggie + Sam Post-Wedding Session

Maggie & Sam are newly married couple from Hong Kong. We hadn't met them until the day for the shoot. They often visited Vancouver (Sam's hometown). They had their pre-wedding photos taken in a Hong Kong indoor studio. Therefore, our task was taking outdoor post-wedding photos for them. The interesting thing was their cute flower girl joined the photo shoot, too.

Raymond & Jessie
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