Sunday, April 26, 2009

Rachel + Andrew: E-Session

We spent an afternoon with Rachel & Andrew at Stanley Park yesterday. It was a smooth day (I found a free parking spot just outside English Bay. LOL). Jessie and I really love the sweet couple's smiles. We will be back to shoot their wedding in July.

After a long wait (lazy), I changed the 4:3 LCD monitor into another wider screen to match one on my left side. It makes my life much easier. However, I can see the new monitor's contrast a bit better after I "Spyder-ed" both of them. I think I should buy a pair together in next upgrade.

Nice weather is back to Vancouver. I've been waiting for a long time. Bad thing: It makes me think of visiting some places with Jessie and her mom in weekends. For someone who works in weekend (most of the time), it's not quite possible to do it very often.


Sunday, April 19, 2009

Peonne + Jeff: Pre-Wedding Session

Because of Jessie's birthday, we will not touch any work stuff today. We only finished a few photos of Peonne and Jeff. Their session started with some safe and warm indoor shootings in a hotel room. Light source was a mix of flash and ambient lights. I really like the white background formal shots. At the end, we finished the session in messy and stinky back alleys. Poor Peonne walked with her red shoes for hours. I guess she must be very tired now.

My birthday girl at work...

Happy birthday, Jessie!


Friday, April 17, 2009

Tammy + Ken E-Session Slideshow (rev.1)

After I studied PhotoShop's video color correction function for a day, I decided to upload the slideshow again. Honestly, I'm new to any HD format file compression. I tried to make a small but sharp file upload to Vimeo from the 1Gb source file. At the same time, I found that I'm addicted to Adobe Premiere's user interface. Some slideshow software are way too simple.

We are not trying to be videographers totally. As you can see, the video is more like a fusion of photo slideshow and video clips.


Sunday, April 12, 2009

Sunshine Coast

A cottage without cell phone signal and high speed internet is a bit rare in 2009. We took a break from work in the only available weekend in April. I tried to forget about e-mail and photography business for 2 days. It was fun to watch E.T. and Top Gun on VHS tapes at late night instead of PhotoShop screen.


We had a small boat for getting supplies from other places.

Jessie enjoyed watching a 21" TV with VHS

Brian was testing a few lenses from Chad

At a corner, Chad was trying to connect to the world with super slow dial-up internet.

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

New 12" x 12" Custom Cover Photo Album

Yes... We have another new album for clients. After collecting ideas, we decided to add a new size and heavier album on top of our present ones. Page spreads are also like our older 9" x 9"album which has no gap in between. That means your 2-page-spread horizontal photo won't be cut into 2 halves. The sample that you are looking at is only 20 pages. Our albums start from 30 pages.

Chadwick got me a limited edition camera neck strap from Canon Australia. It's expensive (EVIL WON). I think it's good for heavier camera like 1D Mark II N. However, we still love our present ones from Canon Japan. Speaking of Chad, he said PocketWizard FlexTT5 will ship out at the end of April. I can't wait to test it.

Yesterday, a bird came into our home. I spent quite a while to guide it back to the door. This is a quick shot of that bird. It stood on our photo frame for almost 2 hours.


Monday, April 6, 2009

Tammy + Ken E-Session

Ken is a very good friend of mine. I'm happy that he found Tammy to share his new PHP and CSS code discoveries everyday (LOL). It was a fun e-session afternoon. Everything went very smooth. When we met Ken at his place a few weeks ago, his bike caught our eyes. We decided to take a few shots and video on his bike. The bike's bright red color really came out from the photos. Jessie and I were extremely exhausted after climbing up and down at Lynn Valley. At the end, we brought back about 15Gb photos and video.

(For more photos, visit

Our new sample 12" x 12" album arrived on last Saturday but I didn't have time to pick it up until Sunday night. The printing is amazing. I will post some photos later.

My evil equipment supplier, Chadwick, showed me his Nikon D700 and 14-24mm (and other lenses). I think D700's respond time and metering is a bit better than Canon 5D Mark II. However, we won't switch to Nikon at this moment. I feel more comfortable with Canon 1-Series and 5-Series control. Of course, we both want a 14-24mm f/2.8 for Canon with the same quality.

I'm trying my best to get everything done before Friday. We are heading to Sunshine Coast next weekend. I hope the place will have internet connection for me to update this blog.