Sunday, June 28, 2009

Sharon + Billy @ Mayfair Lakes Golf Club- 06.27.2009

This year's Vancouver weather is unpredictable. When Billy and I were discussing about our photography plan, we both worried that it would be rainy on his wedding day. However, it did not rain until the reception started. (Luck was on our side again.) Another amazing thing to share with you... Sharon was referred by Cora (our 2007 bride and now a good friend). When we met Sharon and Billy, I found I knew Billy who was my university schoolmate back in the old days. He is still a fun and nice guy.

The day was extremely windy. Thanks to Sara Lin for giving Sharon a firm/beautiful hair and make-up. Sharon still "looked the same" after photo session and ceremony(LOL). The wedding was hosted at Mayfair Lakes Golf & Country Club. I used to shoot there once or twice a year.

This time, our friend Brian joined me and Jessie to shoot the wedding. He did a great job and we will post some of his photos later.

Can't wait to see all photos!

Ceremony & Reception: Mayfair Lakes Golf & Country Club
Hair & Make Up: Sara Lin

P.S. Highlights are posted at


Sunday, June 21, 2009

Father's Day Weekend

Happy Father's Day! Before having dinner with Jessie's father and my father, we had 2 shoots on Friday and Saturday. I didn't expect to be that tiring. The first one was on Friday 7:30pm to 11:30pm and the next one was on Saturday 7:30am to 3:00pm.

The first shoot was the second part of a Jewelery advertisement with Cecilia as model. Because of our wedding shoots schedule, we had to rush this job at night. Instead of Cecilia's dancer outfit, we showed her elegance with jeweleries on her.

Behind the scene

I did a few product shots on location

The second shot is the hot rod and classic car show - Show & Shine @ Coquitlam KMS Tools. Besides shooting cars, it was a pj shoot like what press' photojournalist did. Quite different from what we did the night before, right?


Some interesting car doors

Pinstriping corner

The band - The 3rd Degree

Monday, June 15, 2009

Peonne + Jeff: E-Session

Summer is here but my allergy is still haunting me. When I stepped into the fishing area and the woods, my nose was like a flooding river. This photo session wasn't an easy one for me.

We started to use our new PW FlexTT5 today. I like the new design more than Plus II's vertical design. We need to spend more time to test them. If you want to know my present comment to FlexTT5, I will suggest you to get a set of RadioPopper if you are working with E-TTL. If you are PW Plus II fans, FlexTT5's HyperSync is great. At the same time, we are considering Quantum Trio system.

Next week, I will take photos at hot rod cars exhibition. I'm not a fan of it but this is my 3rd year of shooting this event.


They actually "crashed" into each other at the first run. Peonne's arm hit Jeff's right eye. Couldn't stop laughing at that time (LOL).

Monday, June 8, 2009

Concert VIP Room

The photo that we shot for Cecilia is now on Christine Jewellers' website. More photos will come out with other promotions.

Alex gave us 2 VIP room passes of Khalil Fong Vancouver concert because Christine Jewellers is one of the major sponsors of this event. We didn't expect to watch the show in the VIP room with food and drinks. I have to be honest that Jessie and I are not Khalil's fans. I listened to his songs before and I think he sings well. My comment to his concert is "very professional".

VIP Room

Our seats

Our view

Khalil Fong on stage.
We didn't bring any heavy equipment to the concert except our tiny A570 IS. Should I get a SX200 IS?

Lighting was nicely done by my old schoolmates, Keith and Wilson, from XcitePlus. Now, they are the most famous group which does big events for people in BC, Canada.

Ok... Back to work.