Monday, June 15, 2009

Peonne + Jeff: E-Session

Summer is here but my allergy is still haunting me. When I stepped into the fishing area and the woods, my nose was like a flooding river. This photo session wasn't an easy one for me.

We started to use our new PW FlexTT5 today. I like the new design more than Plus II's vertical design. We need to spend more time to test them. If you want to know my present comment to FlexTT5, I will suggest you to get a set of RadioPopper if you are working with E-TTL. If you are PW Plus II fans, FlexTT5's HyperSync is great. At the same time, we are considering Quantum Trio system.

Next week, I will take photos at hot rod cars exhibition. I'm not a fan of it but this is my 3rd year of shooting this event.


They actually "crashed" into each other at the first run. Peonne's arm hit Jeff's right eye. Couldn't stop laughing at that time (LOL).

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