Friday, November 29, 2013

Professional BC Wedding Awards 2013 Finalists

Best Wedding Group Photograph Finalist

Best Candid/Photojournalism Photograph Finalist

It was an honor to be the finalists in two different categories. Last year, we couldn't attend this great event because of shooting photos and traveling in Beijing. Internet connection wasn't easy to get during the trip. We were so surprised to know we had a photo in final at the airport. Same as last year, we didn't expect to get anything from the night because BC has a lot of talented shooters. I hope we can attend the event next year and meet some friends again!

Congratulations to all winners!

Raymond & Jessie
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Last year's photo in final

Sunday, November 24, 2013

Toshiba FlashAir 32Gb SDHC Class 10 + Olympus OM-D E-M5

Jump to the answer of your question: Yes, FlashAir works with E-M5. You can leave this page :-)

Just let you know... We are Canon shooters at work. E-M5 is our leisure camera.

I just got the new Toshiba FlashAir 32Gb SDHC Class 10 LAN card from eBay (~CAN$73). After testing with my Olympus OM-D E-M5, I'm very happy with this card. I have Eye-Fi Pro X2 8Gb Class 6 which can send Jpeg, RAW, and MOV files to my iPad and iPhone without a problem. However, Eye-Fi card can push all newly shot files into my i-Devices once I open the App (You can turn it off). It's the thing that I don't need. My 8Gb version is a Class 6 card which is very slow when I shoot RAW + Jpeg. The slow writing speed actually drains more power from battery. Because of the support from OM-D's menu (ON/OFF Switch), I almost bought the Eye-Fi Pro X2 16Gb version (Pro X2 version doesn't have 32Gb at this moment). If I want 32Gb, I have to get Eye-Fi Mobi version (Cheaper) which is Jpeg only, No RAW. Why don't I get a cheaper Toshiba FlashAir when it's almost the same as Mobi? Yes, I finally ordered one from eBay and I made a right choice.

First of all, I can't turn off FlashAir card inside my E-M5. It will drain extra power even I'm not connecting to phone. It's not a problem to someone like me having 7 BLN-1 batteries :-)

When I plugged FlashAir Card into E-M5, the card was on already. However, iPhone couldn't find it until I open the card door. After typing the default password, then the card and iPhone were connected. I closed the card door on E-M5 and the connection was still there. You should see the screen below.

Olympus has a free App called Olympus Image Share. It can be used as controlling newer Olympus Camera such as E-M1. When I have FlashAir card connected, I can press "Import Photo" to browse the Jpegs inside the card.

I took 2 photos with my E-M5 and I saw 2 thumbnails in it. They were not in my iPhone yet. I press the second one to have a look.

OK... Looking sharp and clear. Then I press the top right corner's icon.

I could save it to my iPhone.


Pretty easy, right? I prefer this process instead of pushing every single shots that I took. OM-D E-M5 is my travel and daily camera. I browsed my travel photos when I had time to sit down (at lunch or at dinner). I might not want to download all photos into my phone but browsing it fast. If I wanted to share a photo or two with my Facebook or Weibo, I could just download those. That Olympus App could help me to set the Jpeg size. It made the download time to iPhone way shorter. On the other hand, Eye-Fi card downloaded full size Jpegs to iPhone. Eye-Fi App had options for you to set auto download or browse then download. I could say Eye-Fi App is more advance... but I really hate auto-download full size jpeg.

One lovely thing of Olympus' App is simple editing. Although iOS 7 has that feature, it's good to do it in one App. I will get E-M1 anyway... Good to have this App installed.

If you need a 32Gb Class 10 Wifi card, I strongly recommend FlashAir today. If Eye-Fi Pro X2 has 32Gb Class 10 version in future, I will recommend Eye-Fi to E-M5 users. I hope Olympus will update E-M5's menu to turn ON/OFF FlashAir in the future.

Raymond & Jessie
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Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Rachel + Brian Wedding

Rachel & Brian's wedding party should be one of the funniest in this year. They had lots of facial expression during the day. After we finished the photo session, Brian's friend drove his Food Truck to the location. He fed us with very tasty food. After their wedding, we returned to the same wedding ceremony location (Queen Elizabeth Park) and reception (Emperor Seafood) in the next day's wedding. What a coincident! The restaurant servers told us that Rachel & Brian and friends danced until 2am.

Raymond & Jessie
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