Sunday, August 30, 2009

Evelyn + Kevin Wedding - 08.29.2009

Yesterday, we returned to the lovely Minoru Chapel. We were glad that Mitch still let us take a few quick shots before the people of next ceremony came in. Thanks. A few interesting things happened in the morning. After Eve's hair and make up were done, she spent some time playing Wii Resort's 3-point basketball shoot out (See below). On the other side, Kevin did his final saxophone practice at home before heading to Eve's home. He did a good job performing Stand By Me with his saxophone before he was "allowed" to pick up his bride. Another side story was Eve's new wedding shoes hurt her feet badly. Therefore, our photo session was only about 30 mins.

We can't wait to finish all works and start our trip.


OMG... Are you sure you should jump like this?

Kevin's music was "Stand By Me"

Jessie in action shooting the above pic

Friday, August 28, 2009

What is Professional Photojournalisum? See This!

By AP Photo/Enric Marti

Actual link:

AP photographer Emilio Morenatti was injured by a bomb blast in Afghanistanlost and he lost his left foot at the end. He was still shooting photos when he was transferred to hospital.

I'm speechless.


Sunday, August 23, 2009

Our Team @ Busy Year

Jessie and I experienced the busiest summer in this year. Many wedding bookings squeezed into last two months. Other than actual shoots, we have a lot of photo editing and album layout design works in office. They are like never-ending. I start to know the reason why other people can't keep their blog update on time. No matter what, we have to get everything done before our Euro Trip next month.

Some new clients are curious about our team. Let's talk about us this week.

I (Raymond) am a graphic designer who doesn't like traditional hand-&-shoulder portraits. I shot alone in the past. Sometimes, I teamed up with other photographers. In a year (maybe 2005), I shot with a local Indian team. I did a few intensive and long Indian weddings. I gained a lot of experience from the process. However, the most valuable thing that I learned is "I need a stable partner". In 2007, my beautiful wife Jessie joined in. We both found that our first a few sets of photos were very consistent because we knew each others very well. Jessie's role changed quickly from being my assistant to be the official shooter. Now, we help each other out when one of us is not taking shots.

We did lighting tests for each other...


Last year, we knew we would be crazily busy in this summer, so we asked our friend Brian to join us. (He actually shot some photos for our own pre-wedding session.) Brian not only helps us to capture more candid moments from additional angles but also assists us with lighting setups. With his assistance, our photos are more dynamic and complete.

Below are some photos from Brian:

P.S. Thanks to those who sent me the information about memory card deals


Sunday, August 9, 2009

Jennifer + Harold Wedding - 08.08.2009

Jennifer & Harold are a nice couple from Edmonton. We had never met them until last week's rehearsal. The greatest part of the photo session was that Jennifer is really a professional model! After Jessie demonstrated the poses for her, she said, "Okay!" and then made the shot happen. When we looked through our viewfinders, we said, "Oh my... It's a sexy shot!". Harold, you have a beautiful and gifted wife. You should pick up your D90 and spend even more time taking photos for her.

Ceremony: St. Monica Parish
Reception: Executive Airport Plaza Hotel


Saturday, August 1, 2009

Rachel + Andrew Wedding @ Pitt Meadows Golf Club - 07.31.2009

Hot Hot Hot! Recently, Lower Mainland's temperature is crazily high. 40 degree! Fortunately, yesterday's temperature wasn't too bad, but it was still very hot. I felt my back melting at Rachel and Andrew's ceremony. At the same time. the heat upset my stomach a bit.

We've never been to Pitt Meadows Golf Club. After their photo session at Buntzen Lake, we were stuck by the traffic jam for 45 minutes. I considered us lucky to be able to arrive 20 minutes before the ceremony started.

We are packing up for another wedding shoot tomorrow. I hope we won't be melt... again.

Hair Stylist: MasterCuts @ Coquitlam Centre
Ceremony: Pitt Meadows Golf Club


I made friend with Andrew's dog