Sunday, August 30, 2009

Evelyn + Kevin Wedding - 08.29.2009

Yesterday, we returned to the lovely Minoru Chapel. We were glad that Mitch still let us take a few quick shots before the people of next ceremony came in. Thanks. A few interesting things happened in the morning. After Eve's hair and make up were done, she spent some time playing Wii Resort's 3-point basketball shoot out (See below). On the other side, Kevin did his final saxophone practice at home before heading to Eve's home. He did a good job performing Stand By Me with his saxophone before he was "allowed" to pick up his bride. Another side story was Eve's new wedding shoes hurt her feet badly. Therefore, our photo session was only about 30 mins.

We can't wait to finish all works and start our trip.


OMG... Are you sure you should jump like this?

Kevin's music was "Stand By Me"

Jessie in action shooting the above pic

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  1. Congratulations Evelyn! I'm so happy for you and I wish I were there to share the happiness with you! You've grown and not a little girl anymore, but in my memories, we're always the kids who hang out and go to Ocean Park together...I truly wish you and Kevin all the best!