Thursday, November 12, 2015

Amanda + Rudy Engagement Session

We missed this blog post back in this Summer. It was a very smooth and fun photo session with Amanda and Rudy. We walked around the places and kept talking shots with them. It was fast and easy. After a few months, we enjoyed a lot to shoot their fun wedding in the hot hot Summer.

Christmas is coming very soon. Are you ready? This year, we will stay in town to fix our messy office and garage (because we are always out of town this year). If some of you want to get your pre-wedding/engagement session done in Christmas and new year period, you can shoot us an e-mail (please use this one ->,

Raymond & Jessie
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Monday, November 9, 2015

Vacation After Wedding Season: Star Princess Cruise to San Francisco

After finishing our 2015 wedding season, we jumped on Star Princess Cruise to LA, Catalina Island, Santa Barbara and San Francisco. Raymond always wanted to go to San Francisco because of the movie: The Rock (Sean Connery and Nicolas Cage). This time, we could actually see the places in person. Catalina Island and Santa Barbara were very beautiful and they were totally out of our expectation. Although we visited LA many times, we had never been to LA's Chinatown, Little Tokyo, and Olvera Street before. For the cruise, it was pretty nice. Of course, it couldn't compare with Disney Cruises. The only 2 complaints were the cold swimming pool water and the ammonia smelling stateroom toilet. So, we didn't have the chance to use GoPro to shoot family video at the pool. The production shows after dinner were good and we enjoyed to go to the theater at 9:45pm every night. One more thing that bothered us a bit: This ship didn't have 24 hours self-served drinks station. But the overall experience of this trip was great.

Raymond & Jessie
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Catalina Island

Santa Barbara

San Francisco: Welcome to the Rock!

Pier 39

That's where the cables power comes from

Palace of Fine Arts