Monday, May 24, 2010

Vicki & Aaron Wedding - 05.23.2010

It was our luckiest day in 2010 wedding season. When we drove to Vicki & Aaron's ceremony, it rained. We wrapped our equipment for a wet ceremony. However, rain stopped before the ceremony started. In photo session, we had sunshine. Although we didn't do a long coverage this time, we had a lot of fun with the guys and captured the girls' beautiful smile.


Thursday, May 20, 2010

Tokyo Trip

I have to warn you that this post has a lot of photos. Loading time may be long.

I think most of our friends and blog readers know that we shot a lot of photos in our trip. Yes, we did it again in Tokyo, Japan.

We made use of our two free weeks to make this trip happened. Actually, we had photo sessions right before and after this trip. Tokyo is easy to travel without tour guide. You only need a Japan Railway (JR) map and a Tokyo Metro (subway) map. Maybe, you need to have the basic level of Japanese (like JAP-100 course).

Jessie and I spent a day in Nikko and 1 day in Kamakura. They are two old towns outside Tokyo. Although the day in Kamakura rained badly, we had a memorable day. We saw a few traditional Japanese weddings and met a few professional wedding photographers at a temple. They were all in black ties and black suits (under warm weather). Amazing! Other than Jessie's crazy shopping, we ate local food along the way to destinations, nonstop. We were lucky to see a restaurant showing Blue Fin Tuna Fish cutting show on the close day of Tsukiji Fish Market. Moreover, we had chance to eat fresh Blue Fin Tuna Toro Sushi. After Toyko trip, we stopped by Hong Kong and met some old friends and relatives.







Traditional Japanese wedding at Meiji Jingu Shrine

Japanese wedding photographers

Mori Tower (Roppongi Hills) at Roppongi

Mori Tower's restaurant at Roppongi

Daiba's rainbow bridge

Shinjuku's red light district

We loved the octopus balls from this restaurant inside the red light district

Asakusa Temple... Before we reached this spot, we ate a lot of snacks on the way

DisneySea Tokyo

Outer Imperial Garden in Tokyo

The blue fin tuna fish needed 3 men to move it on the table

It was the only show in the market on that day

The best Toro Sushi that I ever had

Hong Kong's view is very different from 15 years ago. I couldn't see the mountain behind these buildings even in day time.

Tein-Hou Goddess's birthday celebration at Stanley, Hong Kong.

Kung-Fu Master Kong invited us to have the traditional "big bowl" meal. We ate inside his lecture room with 35 people at the temperature of higher than 35 Celcius. HOT.....

Little Tiffany (5 years old) could operate a Nikon D3...

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Danielle & Stephen Pre-Wedding Session

It was a nice day for photo shoot today. We started Danielle and Stephen’s pre-wedding session at the lovely coffee shop – Laughing Bean Coffee. The unique setting over there gave us a lot of inspiration. Danielle and Stephen are fun, energetic, and easy to work with. We can’t wait to shoot their wedding in October.