Monday, June 8, 2009

Concert VIP Room

The photo that we shot for Cecilia is now on Christine Jewellers' website. More photos will come out with other promotions.

Alex gave us 2 VIP room passes of Khalil Fong Vancouver concert because Christine Jewellers is one of the major sponsors of this event. We didn't expect to watch the show in the VIP room with food and drinks. I have to be honest that Jessie and I are not Khalil's fans. I listened to his songs before and I think he sings well. My comment to his concert is "very professional".

VIP Room

Our seats

Our view

Khalil Fong on stage.
We didn't bring any heavy equipment to the concert except our tiny A570 IS. Should I get a SX200 IS?

Lighting was nicely done by my old schoolmates, Keith and Wilson, from XcitePlus. Now, they are the most famous group which does big events for people in BC, Canada.

Ok... Back to work.


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    can't wait till our next big shoot!