Sunday, November 9, 2008

TTD Session Location

We visited a place for TTD (Trash The Dress) recently. It's an interesting place. If anyone is ready to get wet/dirty, please let us know (other safer and cleaner places are available...)

Photos were taken by our tiny A570 IS (I didn't take work gears with me). I wish it is wider than 35mm.

I took a look at the Canon G10 in store yesterday. It's a very nice compact backup with a 28mm zoom lens. I like Canon's G-Series a lot since the time I was new to digital photography. I still have a G5 at home for some tiny product shootings. At that time, G-Series lenses had f/2.0-3.0 aperture advantage and a flip-screen but it's gone now. Instead, Canon moved flip-screen + hotshoe compact function to S5 (or newer SX10) series.



  1. These photos look great, and the place is great too. I love the water, the bridge, the tall grass, the worn-down shed. Where is this place? I hope it's in Vancouver.

  2. It's called Finns Slough at South part of Richmond