Sunday, July 12, 2009

Naomi & Brett Wedding - 07.11.2009

Naomi booked us right after her brother's (Terry) wedding. She came to me and said, "Raymond, you have to take pictures in my wedding next year!". Terry's wedding was an unforgettable experience (especially for Brian and me). My car was trapped by the snow near Terry's father home twice. Brian and I spent almost an hour to get the car out. We were totally exhausted before the ceremony. This time, Naomi and Brett's wedding was hosted at a private garden of Aldergrove. Naomi called it "Garden of Eden". It means the beginning of everything. Temperature around the area was about 30 degree under the sun. The garden has peacocks and other big birds walking around.

Floral Design: Barb Knorad



  1. Superb photography!! It's always amazing to see how you put your heart & soul into your work so artistically - every time!

    Barb Konrad - Designer

  2. Raymond and Jessie,
    Once again you blow us away with your intriging angles and concepts of expression of subject, scence and occasion...we are so pleased with your work on both our children's marriage (Terry and Naomi)and as well all the work you do in advance with engagement are both truly gifted...(PS we still have 2 children and lots of Hollandaise for more eggs Benny! )
    Blessings Be
    Len & Jacque Wills