Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Video Stuff

Other than photo works, we are busy with many other things. At the same time, my cough (sensitive air way) is slowly getting away. I just got a portable video rail for our 5D Mark II. I hope I will have to time to test it and do some modification on it, in this week. I want to make a fold-able stand/legs for the rail however, next wedding shoot is coming...

This week's biggest news for Canon users should be 1D Mark IV. As expected, it has all video function of 7D but it has better ISO performance. However, I'm a bit disappointed about 1D Mark IV stays at APS-H sensor. On video side, I think it's much better than 5D Mark II's video. At least, I don't see any rolling shutter problem from Vincent Laforet's "Nocturne". On the other hand, Canon told us that new firmware for 5D Mark II will be available in early 2010. I expect it will not have 720p @ 50 frames (PAL) and 60 frames (NTSC). Let's wait and see.


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