Tuesday, May 1, 2012

A New Light Source Test

If you follow our blog and know our photo style, you should know we use various light sources in our photos. Today, I tested a new light source other than natural light, video light, and flash (in our garage). See the above photo of Jessie. The light is a bit softer than direct video light. If I added a reflector at the bottom, it would be even better.

Above: It was the rim light test. It looked great, too.

What is it??

It's a 66 LED coreless trouble light for fixing car. Very light weight. Recharging time of the Li-Ion battery is about 3 hours and it operates for 4 hours. The only issue is... it doesn't have a dimmer. However the most interesting thing is I checked the white balance which is the same as the preset "Flash" white balance in Lightroom. More tests will be done when we are free.

Raymond & Jessie
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