Friday, October 12, 2012

Sharon + Ian Wedding @Stanley Park

The most special thing in Sharon & Ian's wedding was their trolley. We were riding on it for half day. It was very convenient to ride with the wedding party and video team (Fairy Tales Production) on the same bus. That day was the busiest wedding day ever in Vancouver. As I know, almost all photographers and videographers were booked. We actually got more than 10 inquires for that day after Sharon & Ian booked us. Just inside Stanley Park, we saw at least 5 wedding ceremonies. In the coming 2013 season, there are a few popular dates too.
We just finished our first wedding show. We got about 120 inquiries from the show. I hope we could process them in two weeks. We will have a booth at Urban Wedding Show on November 4th at River Rock. If you want to meet us, please come to our booth!

Raymond & Jessie
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  1. The wedding photographers taken wonderful photo here and he covered the complete wedding. I love those pictures in post and keep it your nice work