Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Jessy + Tony Engagement Session

Jessy and Tony's engagement session was a "3 in 1" session. While Jessie and I were shooting photos, Timothy and Carol (plus Tony himself) were videotaping our behind the scene footage and the engagement video for Jessy and Tony. The behind the scene video was used as our promotion video at the recent wedding trade shows.

The shots on rocks were not easy to get because we had to be there at the right time. (We went there a few times afterward and sea water covered the rocks) That day was hot and bright; therefore rocks were dry. Everyone could stand on them safely.

Jessie and I will have a photo shoot in China next month. I hope I can buy some lighting equipment over there instead of bringing them from Vancouver. When we are back in December, we will shoot our last wedding in this year.

Raymond & Jessie
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