Monday, May 6, 2013

Theresa + Mike

First of all, we have to thank Theresa and Mike for their trust. Before we shot this session, I reviewed the meeting notes. "Cool + Fashion" & "Let us fly" were what I wrote at the end of the meeting. Actually, Theresa & Mike are also a professional photographer couple. This session was for their wedding anniversary. They shot very good photos but quite different from our style. I questioned my meeting notes for a few seconds but I trusted my memory and my notes (That's why I still write notes on paper instead of typing on iPad).

We also have a plan to get one photo (maybe a few more... Jessie with her long wedding gown) before our 10 years anniversary. Our pre-wedding photos were shot in Hong Kong. Style is very different from ours but I really like the one hanging on wall. Similar to what Theresa & Mike wants, we want to have an enlargement for our living room which is not only different from our pre-wedding photo and also different from what we shot for clients. We are still brainstorming...

It seems like people like my OM-D review although my writing skill is bad. I will try to write another review for the new "Art Line" Sigma 35mm f/1.4 later.

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