Monday, January 20, 2014

Chinese Speedbooster For Canon EF to m4/3 Is Available On eBay!

The actual thing received by Billy

I'm pretty excited to see Speedbooster (Not made by Metabones) for Canon EF lens to m4/3. It's 0.72x instead of Metabones' 0.71x. As expected, it will not work with EF-S lenses. However, I will try to put my old Sigma 10-20mm DC lens on once I get it. I think it will have dark corners with OM-D because 10-20mm lens is made for APS-C camera as 15-30mm full frame focal length. And this EF to m4/3 speedbooster will give us (10mm x 2 x 0.72) = 14.4mm (wider than 15mm).

eBay's price is $140. If you buy it directly from China, the price is about $100.

Can't wait to get it and test it with my E-M5 and E-M1!!!

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