Saturday, March 1, 2014

YN-E3-RT Works!

In our wedding photography career, we've been using many remote flash triggering systems. From Canon's IR system to PocketWizard radio system, it was a great jump to our workflow. We are still using PW in most of the time. Recently, we started to test on Yongnuo's E-TTL triggers. They were pretty good but the range wasn't as good as PW. Canon introduced their RT system (radio transmission) in 600EX RT and ST-E3 RT. We were slowly changing our flashes to 600EX RT but we didn't use them as remote flashes much. Why? Because way too many steps for getting to the remote flash control menu on 600EX RT. I knew ST-E3 RT's menu should work better but we got use to another Yongnuo trigger already. I wanted to try but I didn't want to invest something like the useless ST-E2 (No one wants it). Somehow, I saw YN made a ST-E3 RT copy called YN-E3 RT which is only 40% of the price. Reviews from many users were positive too. Then, I ordered one to test...

Package came with cables and a storage bag for it

The best feature that Canon's ST-E3 RT doesn't have: AF Red Beam!

USB connection for firmware update. Smart move.

I think the battery door is not as firm as ST-E3 RT

Let's test it! Group A at 1/128 and Group B at 1/64

OK... The two 600EX RT's responded to the setting from YN-E3

Worked! Left side 1/128 and right side 1/64

Everything worked like Canon ST-E3 RT. YN-E3 RT worked with my own ID (4 digit code). The AF red beam helped me to focus on a white wall in dark too. Before I give YN-E3 RT a thumb-up, I had to use it for a while (abuse it). If it doesn't break, then it should be the best deal.

Raymond & Jessie
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