Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Mai + Don Wedding @Rowena's Inn

We've been waiting for this blog post for years. After WedLuxes featured this wedding in their website, we could post the more detail version here. This wedding was the first few weddings with Billy helping us to shoot. It was hosted at Rowena's Inn which was the place we needed to drive almost 2 hours. The ceremony's Church was 48 mins drive from Rowena's Inn. Because of the long travel time, we had to shoot very fast for getting more photos with the huge wedding party. After we returned to Rowena's Inn from ceremony, two of us ran to the pool side to get all chairs in place. In less than 5 minutes, we got the outdoor wedding party shot done (The photo got Professional BC Wedding Award Finalist award in the same year). Then we consumed more time in the indoor group shots. It was very busy... (especially Raymond).

The day was the hottest day in the year. We found bug's bites all over the arms and legs on the next day... but it was a great memory for the team.

Raymond & Jessie
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