Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Amanda + Rudy Wedding

We had lots of fun shooting Amanda and Rudy's wedding. It was rare for Asian weddings to have crazy laughs and lots of funny facial expressions. Everyone attended their wedding should feel the love between the couple and their friends, brothers, sisters and parents. The couple rented a school bus for taking the schoolmates back to UBC for photos. At the same time, they could go to get some free slurpee from 7-11 together. Their ceremony was inside one of the dimmest churches in Vancouver. We didn't want to flash at them; therefore, we must shoot carefully with our long lenses. Although the weather wasn't stable on the day, we didn't have a solid plan B for photo session. However, we were very lucky to finish the outdoor photos before the rain came. Thanks God!

We are very busy with photo editing. Blog update may be affected in this month but more interesting photos are coming soon!

Raymond & Jessie
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