Thursday, October 29, 2015

Wendy + Nathan Wedding

Vancouver's weather is very hard to predict. This Summer season was the same! We found a pattern of our rainy wedding mornings: Sun came out at noon. Wendy & Nathan's wedding had lots of rain in the morning and we thought we wouldn't have the outdoor photo session before their ceremony. Rain stopped after their tea ceremony at home. We could capture the photo with a plane flying over their head. We were lucky again.

The original location of couple's wedding ceremony was at the outdoor water side of Olympic Oval. Because of the beach volleyball event, they had to change to River Rock Casino. Actually, it was a better arrangement when weather was unstable on the day. It was the first time we got the full permission to shoot at the resort area then we could get a very wide shots from the top.

We are still packing up for the trip at 1am. This blog will have more updates after we return!

Raymond & Jessie
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