Tuesday, January 9, 2018

Please Send Us Inquires By E-Mail (or Electronically)

We know there are still some people don't trust/use e-mail or other messaging tools in 2018 and we totally understand it. Because of the busy work+family schedule and the annoying phone marketing calls, we seldom pick up calls from unknown phone numbers since a few years ago. We travel quite often for work and vacation but we check messages when we have chance. At the same time, our cell phone's voice message box is now only have 2 slots (90% voice messages are marketing or blank calls before).

If you have any photography/design/web design inquires, please shoot us an e-mail, Facebook message, Whatsapp (same as our phone number), WeChat, Instgram (@raymonatorleung), or LinkedIn. More details about your inquires in the message will speed up the process of getting the information that you want.


Raymond & Jessie
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