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Viltrox EF-M2 Adapter for Canon To m4/3 AF x0.71 Review (Update 1)

My Viltrox EF-M2 arrived after a few weeks, finally. First of all, it didn't work with E-M1 (disappointed) but it worked with E-M5 very well as promised. The package was very nice. The box contained two screwdrivers. I was wondering why it came with a small cross type screwdriver at the first place. After the first few test shots, I knew why... Infinity focus was unavailable (off badly). There was a tiny screw on the camera mount side like Metabones'. Unscrewing it a bit and you turn the glass anti-clockwise a few times until you can focus the far objects.

From the test, EF-M2 was very sharp and AF fast with E-M5. I felt bad about I couldn't use it on E-M1. Comparing to Kipon Bav EYES, EF-M2 has a bit better image quality. I didn't touch the infinity focus adjustment screw on Kipon Bav EYES from the first day. It might affect the result (Should I adjust it too?). However, Kipon Bav EYES worked with E-M1 very well and EF-M2 couldn't.

For the price, EF-M2 is a good deal. I hope the future firmware update will fix the E-M1 compatibility issue.

Viltrox EF-M2 Advantage over Kipon Bav EYES:
- A little bit Sharper
- Better mount fitting (both lens and camera end)
- Better contact between lens to the adapter
- Camera knows your correct lens focal length after x0.71 (Correct in body IS)
- Cheaper (USD199 now)

Kipon Bav EYES Advantage over Viltrox EF-M2:
- Works with E-M1
- No need to tune infinity focus. Works right out of package.

*EF-M2 Firmware version 2.2 (Firmware Update Here)
*Official supported cameras: GH5/GH4/GF1/E-M5/E-M10/E-M5 II/E-M10 II/PEN-F/E-PL3
*Official non-supported cameras: E-M1 II/E-M10 III

Some people said Olympus has lots of good lenses in smaller size and why using Canon lenses. Yes, you are right if you only have m4/3 cameras. However, Olympus's Pro f/1.2 are all over-priced (cost as much as full frame Canon L Primes) and not light weight, too. Pro f/1.2 lenses are not for the people like us who have almost the whole set of Canon L Primes after 11 years of professional career. We prefer to keep using the lenses that can be for work and leisure at the same time. In 2018, it's a fact that m4/3 is still not commonly used in wedding jobs unless it can provide a usable ISO6400 photos. Before that point, I still think Olympus Pro f/1.2 lenses are over-priced.

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You will find two screwdrivers inside. The small cross-type one is very important!!!

I test with 24mm f/1.4L and Sigma 35mm f/1.4 ART

The infinity focus was way off. Now it is ok after 20 mins adjustment. AF point at the line "zoom 24-105mm" on i40 flash.

E-M5 + EF-M2 + 24L
1/200s, f/1.8, ISO400

100% pixel

E-M5 + EF-M2 + 24L

100% pixel

Let's compare with Kipon Bav EYES

E-M1 + Kipon Bav EYES + 24L
1/200s, f/1.8, ISO400

100% pixel

E-M1 + Kipon Bav EYES + 24L

100% pixel: Seems like the focus shifted to backward (on the traffic light instead of the hand)

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