Tuesday, December 10, 2019

Chili + Tim's Pre-Wedding Session Under 2 Degrees

Tim worked with our team very often in the past few years as a member of TT Films. He gave us an impression of traveling around Asia for finding business opportunity before. When we were wondering where he went recently... he gave us a great surprise in this winter: He told us he was coming back to host a small wedding here! Wow... Between our schedule, we spent a morning take photos for him and his beautiful bride, Chili. From experience, we shouldn't spend too long outdoor with couples coming from Hong Kong in Winter time. They would get very sick after the photo session. Therefore, the session was quickly done in about 2 hours at QE Park.

We missed a lot of blog posts in fall. This blog will catch up in a short time. Stay tuned!

Raymond & Jessie

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