Saturday, July 19, 2008

Busy Days - Photos & iPhone3G

What a busy month we have! We are working on a lot of photo editing and album layouts. When the wedding season begins, I sit in front of my workstation at home longer than in living room. The only fun we found is our new iPhone3G. Jessie is trying to know every single function it has. Because of limited time, I know what I need to know about it... LOL... such as installed a stupid App about Starwars lightsaber...

I found this interesting photo that I took. Groom and bride are close to each other but they pull out their phones. It's exactly like Jessie text-messaged me from her workstation when I was sitting in mine (1m away) for testing phone in these 2 days. "Hey hey.. how are you? Are you ok over there?"


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