Tuesday, October 7, 2008

5D Mark II - New Tool Or New Toy?

5D Mark II should be the hottest topic between wedding photographers. It seems the first pre-order batch is all sold out. If you want to order now, you have to wait until December. When everybody is fighting for a copy, I think we should slow down and think. What does 5D Mark II improve your work flow except the 1080p video function? I think it's not an extremely huge upgrade but it's always a good thing to have more color depth, more buffer, more pixel count, better ISO performance, etc. I don't think LiveView is really helpful unless you don't want the mirror sound in a quiet ceremony.

I'm sure Jessie will get a copy later. If it's good, I may get a second one (but I still like my 1D Mark II N a lot). Should I wait for 1D Mark III N?


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