Saturday, September 20, 2008

We Love What We're Doing

We're happy to know everything went well in Cynthia & Tommy's Hong Kong banquet and people like their Vancouver wedding day photos. Cynthia took back a gift for us. I treat it as an encouragement. We believe we are not only shooting photos and doing art business, but also making every single wedding that we document memorable.

The new workstation is still haunting me a bit. Somehow, I formatted one of my hard disks in old computer as "dynamic drive" at the first place. Once it's not attached to a RAID card (directly to new motherboard now), Windows Vista doesn't let me access it. If I want to change back to "basic", I will lose over 100Gb stuff... It's not a tough problem but it takes time.

I hate the process of changing workstation!


*My Birthday Dinner was great! Thx for the cake! I have no idea why Jessie and I both wearing dark clothes... Maybe, we shot too much (LOL)

A million thx to my Wii gang!

On my birthday, we visited Vancouver Aquarium. It was mainly for fun because it was my vacation (away from all wedding photos). However, one of the reasons for us to be there... was checking out the wedding location. Our clients may have their ceremony at Aquarium in 2009. Mm... Did I say we were on vacation?

They are very tiny. Look at the size of orange on the right side.

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