Thursday, January 1, 2009

2008 --> 2009

Happy new year!

Time goes fast. 2008 was a "Year of Change" for us. We joined WPPI and got accepted by WPJA. Brian joined us and we are a team of 3 people now. I spent more time on photography than design works in 2008. It gave me more time to plan our new direction (on photo-art and business). Looking back, I had started being a wedding photographer by working alone and setting up a studio called X-Ray Studio. Then, I had worked with an Indian wedding photo/video team for quite a while. The learning process was long because I didn't know much about Indian culture before. In 2008, I made a right move to team up with my wife Jessie and changed the studio name to Raymond & Jessie Leung Photography (RJP). Jessie is a talented photographer and the most reliable partner. After working with her, my whole photography world has changed into a rocket ride. During 2008, we have developed our own style and got recognized by WPJA - one of the leading associations for wedding photographers in the world.

For 2009, Jessie and I can't wait to attend WPPI's convention at Las Vegas in the coming February. Next wedding season is coming and we are excited to work with new clients. From time to time, we will keep exploring new ideas in each wedding we document.

At the end of 2008, RJP team went to Leavenworth , WA (after our last snowy wedding job in 2008). We had a great time over there (ate roasted pork leg). Below are the highlight of the trip.


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