Sunday, January 18, 2009

Rush Job

The first commercial shooting in 2009 was a 1.5 hours task from my buddy, Alex.

I have been working with his store, Christine Jewellers (, for about 2 years. I started with his posters and signs layout designs. Now, I'm slowly moving to photography works for his products and advertisement. I feel sorry about missing schedule on his design tasks when Jessie and I are getting busier and busier with wedding shootings. I can't say I'm sick of InDesign but I don't feel bad in front of PhotoShop. I started using PhotoShop seriously at its 4.0 version and I learnt a lot of advance stuff when I worked in newspaper. PhotoShop is living in my blood. Moreover, we do wedding photos production everyday. Photo shoot + production are easier and faster than working in front of Illustrator and InDesign.

(Enough excuses explanations...)

This shooting was done during my food poisoning period. As usual, I shot in his store front because his items are expensive stuffs. I tried to match what I previously did for Alex. However, I wanted to be a bit different. So, 2 slightly different temperature light sources on 2 sides were used. I couldn't believe that I finished numerous items in 2 hours (before 8pm) without softboxes and other proper setup.

If Japan or Hong Kong Edition Seiko watches and other cool stuff are your cup of tea, you should go to Christine Jewellers to take a look. It has a wide range of selections with the latest and fashionable styles.

For my clients: Let me know if you want to purchase wedding or engagement rings from him, I will ask him to give you a good price. :-)