Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Jackie + Godfrey Pre-Wedding Session

This year, we got some inquires from Asia such as Hong Kong and China. Jackie & Godfrey were one of the Pre-Wedding Session inquiries from Hong Kong.

Because of the high population density in Asia, couples are not easy to get clear backgrounds during the wedding day's creative photo session (between ceremony and reception). At the same time, the wedding day's schedule is usually very packed up. Therefore, 99% of couples have their pre-wedding photo session done before the wedding.

This Pre-Wedding Session was a 2 day session: One day with Raymond & Billy and one day with Raymond & Jessie. We brought Jackie & Godfrey to many landmarks of Vancouver. It was a great chance for our team to understand more about the couples from Asia (Preparing for the coming Asia destination weddings!).

Raymond & Jessie
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Billy's shot below

Billy's shot below

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